If you’re a coach, consultant, or agency owner,  and you currently work with high-ticket clients...
I’ve got a challenging question for you:  
Which of These 4 Invisible Mistakes
Do MOST Entrepreneurs Commit
After Hitting 6 Figures?
Here’s how two struggling consultants FINALLY “released the brakes”, and grew their business from 2 clients per month to 13 clients per month
...In less than 30 days

From the Desk of Chris Evans
Franklin, NC 
Dear Business Builder, 

Do you know why 91% of entrepreneurs we work with double the number of consults they get... after turning off their ads and deleting their Clickfunnels™ account? 

If you’re a coach or consultant doing less than $40K a month, do you know why you should never record a webinar or write an(other) eBook? 

If you’re a freelancer or agency owner wanting to streamline your client-fulfillment, do you know which common 5-word phrase repels wealthy clients who respect your time? 
If we haven’t met, my name’s Chris Evans.  

My business partner Taylor and I run a consultancy where we partner with coaches, consultants, and agency owners how to leverage their expertise (instead of their “hard labor”) to create a healthy business.
Taylor and I with 47 of our clients in Nashville TN, coaching them on how to AVOID the momentum-killing mistakes I cover for you here.
And if you’re anything like our clients, you know there’s nothing more frustrating than spinning your tires on low-leverage activities that...
  • DON'T move the needle, 
  • ​DON'T put money your bank account,
  • ​And DON'T give you a return on all your effort...
That’s why I’m asking you these weird questions today... 

Because these are just a few examples of “invisible mistakes” I’ve noticed almost every entrepreneur commits...

And will keep you locked under your potential - for months - with no clue you’re spinning your tires. 

But here’s the kicker:  

They’re small potatoes compared to the most common and deadly mistake of all: not recognizing the “BIG LEVERS” that ACTUALLY move your business forward.
“Give me a lever big enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the world”
-- Archimedes, Father of Leverage
For example...

When Taylor and I finally stopped getting distracted by secondary activities that felt important while they secretly crippled our growth...

And we discovered the 3 BIG LEVERS I'm going to share and breakdown for you today...

Our business catapulted from 2 clients per moth to 13 clients per month...in less than 30 days.

So, if you currently work with high-ticket clients...

And you'd like to discover...
  • The exact 3-step checklist we use to ensure our clients have a “High-Leverage Offer” that takes the hard work out of client fulfillment and allows you to 2x or 3x your pricing (Read “BIG LEVER #3” below)
  • Running out of prospects to talk to? Here’s why 91% of consultants and freelancers we work with double their strategy sessions... by turning off their ads and deleting their Clickfunnels account (Read “BIG LEVER #1” below)
  • Getting rejected too much on the phone? Secrets to our 70% close rate: Use our in-house sales team’s “call structure” to automatically flip control of the call into your hands (Read “BIG LEVER #2” below)
Then you'll want to zoom in with me for a couple minutes...

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Because what you're about to read will unlock the breaks on your business, almost overnight.
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that grew our business from 2 clients per month 
to 13 clients per month... in less than 30 days